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Celebrate our planet this Earth Day (and every day). The Miami Design District is more than just a popular shopping and dining destination, it also doubles as a lush urban oasis with plantings that are highly diverse with a broad representation of local, regional, and global tropical flora.

This year the District is thrilled to unveil over 100 QR code plates strategically positioned throughout the neighborhood. Each QR code leads guests to a fact sheet on the flora. The Rooted by Design project was done in collaboration with partners Fairchild Garden and Island Planning Corporation to allow everyone to get a deeper understanding of what makes the landscaping at The Miami Design District so unique. 

The plants of the Miami Design District hold tropical flora, the greatest diversity of the world's plants, including species that are just as equally important as they are beautiful. Tropical plants produce most of the world's oxygen, absorb the greatest amount of greenhouse gases, and provide energy to the richest ecosystems. The Fairchild Garden has gone beyond their walls and into local neighborhoods to bring greater attention to the remarkable plants and landscapes of Miami. 

So stop and smell the orchids, stroll by the impressive flowering trees and palms, and most importantly read their compelling stories. There's a tropical paradise to be discovered. 

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