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Landscape Tour

The Miami Design District is thrilled to unveil The Rooted by Design Project, in collaboration with partners Fairchild Garden and Island Planning Corporation. Over 100 QR code plates are strategically positioned throughout the neighborhood. Each QR code leads guests to a fact sheet with information on the plants, including a Spanish translation.

The plants of the Miami Design District hold tropical flora, the greatest diversity of the world's plants, including species that are just as equally important as they are beautiful. Many ecologically important plants are incorporated into the landscape, supporting interactions with rare birds and insects. Design District now includes one of the world’s most significant urban orchid plantings, including rare native Florida and Caribbean species along with larger ornamental specimens.

Island Planning Corporation designed the landscape masterplan of the Miami Design District, creating a luxury retail hub where design merges with a unique botanical environment. By working with native species, they highlighted the distinctive flora of the region while ensuring a resilient and adaptive urban ecology and evolving a singular sense of identity for the District. Surrounding every street is an intricate landscape plan that’s imaginative while creating a dialog between nature and art.

Together with our partners, Miami Design District continues to transform into one of Miami’s focal spots for lush surroundings, a tropical paradise where people can explore, learn and relax.

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