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Cadar is a modern, luxury jewelry house that creates impeccably crafted 18k gold and diamond jewelry. Founded in 2015 by the Illustrious Michal Kadar, the ever-growing brand has now reached the corners of the district, proudly situated in a temporary pop-up space through March 18th. 

The District had the opportunity to interview Founder and Creative Director, Michal Kadar, indulging in the world of fine jewelry and learning about the brand’s deep resonation with the neighborhood.

How did your upbringing and heritage influence the creation of Cadar?


I always try to base my designs on my culture and my parents' culture. This is how I tell my story. You are what your roots are. If you don't know your roots well, you will never be able to grow to your full potential. For example, in my designs, the tooth represents family history and my parents emigrating with symbols on their skin. You cannot ignore who you are and where your roots are based. In a way, it creates a circle.


Cadar's connection to nature and love is ardent. Why is this a cornerstone of the brand and how is it reflected in the designs?


Everything connects to nature and the world around us. The first story I created was about my universe, which includes “light”, “water”, and “bloom”. We always need to see the light. We wake up in the morning knowing light is with us. Water is a vital part of life and bloom is creation. So, water and light together means things are growing, blooming. After establishing my universe, I built more layers, like the second skin collection which features feathers, pythons, and fur. In my work, I flipped the jealous energy of the eye so people look inside themselves for happiness. I have made 14 collections, but every design relates to nature, love and the feelings of my past.


What makes Cadar a great fit for the Miami Design District?


The Design District is a guide to art and design. I travel a lot, and there is nothing like this anywhere else. It is not only luxury brands, art and inspiration are abundant in the streets- even down to the parking lots. From ten years ago, when I first visited, I have watched how the neighborhood changes and grows. And to feel the mix of people walking in this neighborhood is to feel every culture, every color. The Miami Design District is a melting pot and it is so beautiful. 

Stop by the Cadar Pop-up at 151 NE 41st St, Suite 133 through March 18th

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