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Within the swirling winds of emerging contemporary art in Miami, a stable shelter of prints, editions and neo-Pop art is not just a relief, it's a necessity. French gallerist Bernard Markowicz has filled that need within the Design District, in the form of a 1,000 square-foot space which offers both original and reproduced works from over thirty internationally-recognized practitioners.

Bacon, Botero, Haring, Hirst, Indiana, Murakami, Warhol and Wesselmann are some of the names you enounter in the gallery's stores, and then there's a fine collection of prints from the prestigious Atelier Mourlot. Founded in 1852 by artist, patron and printer Férnand Mourlot, his studio initially produced fine wallpaper then graduated to fine prints and illustrated books that have been collected by the world's most elevated non-profit collections and institutions. Braque, Chagall, Cocteau, Le Corbusier, Calder, Matisse, Miró and Picasso are a small selection of artists produced by the Atelier Mourlot, many of which are available at Markowicz's gallery.

In addition to these luminous names, Markowicz also features new talents that have been featured at contemporary venues throughout the globe. Carole Feuermam's eerily uncanny, life-size sculptures of swimmers captured in limited edition prints, the raw sensuality of Marilyn Minter's up-close photography, the lively work inspired by the fields of animé and manga by MR., and the cartoonish whimsy of Alain Godon (exclusively represented by Markowicz) are such examples.

A series of eclectic, well-conserved and well-documented reproductions and engaging new works is the true mark of a successful, small-scale commercial gallery. Since 2010, Markowicz Fine Art has satisfied all of these criteria with a firm devotion to the local arts community.

Markowicz Fine Art is located in the Miami Design District at 114 NE 40th Street, Miami. For more information, call (786) 362-5546 or visit

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