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If you have been here since the beginning or are a newbie, there is really nothing better than working in the Design District. Live here? Even better. But lets be honest: there is really no other place like it. Realize it or not, we are kind of a different breed of people. Don’t believe us? Check out this list:

10. You have eaten everything off the Crumb on Parchment menu, yet continue to dine there at least once a week. Oh and work there from time to time. (Thanks for the free wi-fi, Michelle Bernstein!)

9. If you had a $1 for every time someone asked you, “Know an easy place to park?” you would be a Trump. You also cherish the moment you heard Miami Design District Associates had parking garages in the works.

8. You think to send Craig Robins, L Real Estate and their entire staff a thank you card every time you see an awesome new retail store coming to the neighborhood. Really, could there be better? Thanks to them, yes.

7. You mourned the loss of South Street and their delicious fried chicken. You then cured your sorrows with truffle fries from MC Kitchen.

6. A bank statement of yours looks something like this: Michael’s Genuine, Oak Tavern, Orange Café, Egg & Dart, Harry’s Pizzeria, Mercato. Oh, and you know the name of at least one staff member at each of those places.

5. Your apartment gets a daily upgrade from Jonathan Adler, Adriana Hoyos, Threadcount or whatever fabulous home store decides to upgrade their windows that week. Nothing lures you in like a wicked window display. And before working in the neighborhood, you never thought décor would get you so delighted.

4. You had never thought to buy a pair of Christian Louboutins before. Until you walked into their store, took one look around and knew you couldn’t live another day without a pair.

3. You have already started planning your next New Year’s Eve soiree, birthday, wedding and every event possible at the Moore Building. Speaking of wedding, there is a good chance you at least browsed the engagement rings at Cartier.

2. You were definitely confused by the lab coats worn by the associates of Maison Martin Margiela. Then, you just had to have one. Maybe even two. They are so ahead of their time, there are no words.

1. Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami/ are in December. This scares and excites you more than you have fully accepted yet.

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