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Sayonara, 2013. Hello, 2014! As we commence the New Year with resolutions we will most likely never follow through with, let’s take a gander at the year’s top fashion trends — we’re talking the good, the bad and the ugly, loyal readers.

crop top fashion trend  2013

Some women will argue the omnipresent crop top instantly adds edge and style to any ensemble. Others — namely those lacking six-pack abs like myself  (I blame my children) — pray for its grim death in 2014. Any way you slice, this top was cream of the fashion crop.

trend  2013 nail art

How did something so tacky become so cool? Suddenly, inexplicably, nail art traveled from the garish fringes to the fashion runways and infiltrated the mainstream, thanks to new kits, stencils, stickers, and special-effects polish. When it came to nail art, the crazier the better — from tacos to pizza to Angry Birds to watermelons — I’ve seen it all. Literally.

You can blame Parisian IT designer Isabel Marant for this love-it-or-hate-it trend. Yes, this crossover — part wedge, part sneaker — was the unicorn of 2013 — spellbinding yet questionable. Many women argue they exude a street chic quality while others will tell you sneakers should remain flat. Yes, it’s heel hullabaloo of sorts. Where do you stand on the quirky conundrum? Me, I bought a pair the second they hit Prada. Then again, I like Justin Bieber’s music. Judge all you want.

I think we can all agree the over-the-knee boot trend is damn sexy. Following Spring 2013’s infatuation with the boot-sandal hybrid, came a good helping of tough to-the-thigh boots. For Miami gals, leather leggings paired with ankle boots created a similar effect.

With year-round humidity (Read: bad hair days), the hat and headpiece trend was a welcomed one in the Magic City. From beanies to fedoras to flower headbands, nothing disguises dirty or unruly hair better. Amen to that.

And the winner of 2013’s IT handbag? Drum roll please…the Céline Luggage. Available in a spate of colors, textiles and sizes, this particular bag could be found dangling on the wrists of Miami’s social set, philanthropists and fashionistas.  Sold out everywhere, procuring a Luggage bag proved to be of Mission Impossible proportions. Seriously.

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