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Part McKittrick Hotel, and part art-crawl, “Site-Specific” is Miami Design District’s monthly event series that’s awakening spaces through the performing arts this spring and fall.  

Night revelers who joined the March edition may have seen the vignette of two crack addicts arguing in a seedy motel, or witnessed the haiku-inspired set by fellows from New World Symphony.  With O, Miami in the air, this month, poetry is the connecting thread of the four distinct performances taking place on Saturday, April 19.

site specific, performance series, april, art

Words and Wonders by Marie Whitman
8:00 p.m. at Moore Building, 3rd Floor
It’s no coincidence that Marie Whitman calls her giant leap from reciting poetry to becoming poetry-in-action a spiritual calling.  With the weight of a name like Whitman, the writer, educator, artist and dancer has found her groove in what she’s named  “conscious creative communication.”

site specific, performance series, april, art

Anatomy: Experiment # 1 - Figure of a Showgirl by Octavio Campos featuring Yevgenia Katz
8:30 p.m. at Moore Building, Ground Floor
Octavio Campos, a.k.a. Dr. O., is on an anthropological quest to save the lost art of performance.  Imagining a heartbreaking world without cabaret, he investigates the dying profession before attempting to breathe new life into its parts.  At the intersection between truth and performance, Experiment #1 will expose the audience to Campos’ acute transformation of a real-life actress into a showgirl.

site specific, performance series, april, art

Biscayne Blues by Oscar Fuentes
9:00 p.m. at Garden Building, Second Floor
An independent short, filmed in the streets of Miami, Biscayne Blues is about a poet who falls in love with the shadow of death.  Played by Oscar Fuentes, the protagonist is torn between Biscayne Boulevard’s sordid history and memories of its pre-construction days.  As the story unravels, when pushed to the brink, Fuentes must determine how far he’s willing to follow the shadow into her depths.

site specific, performance series, april, art

FUNKdalena Lounge
9:30 p.m. at Garden Building, Rooftop
FUNKdelena is the resurrection of Urban Latino Funk, Latin Soul, Hip Hop and R&B. Vibing off each other’s musical repertoires, performance artist Deborah Magdelena and master-selector The Brass King deliver a mash-up of genres that most often speaks of love, emotional healing and being free.  

The Site-Specific performance series is free and open to the public.

Photos by Manny Hernandez

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