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While most of the country is just thawing out from a long cold winter, Miami is in full-bloom all year round — especially Spring! With the season’s best fruits and vegetables literally growing in our backyard here are five of the best dishes available in the Design District that are filled with springtime flavor.

Michael's Genuine Food and Drink: Blueberry Cobbler

1. Blueberry Cobbler from Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink: Can you think of anything more spring time then blueberry cobbler? This dish is made with organic, fresh blueberries from Clarmont, Florida then topped with lemon ice cream and crema.

MC Kitchen: Mushroom and Asparagus Omelet

2. Sautéed wild mushrooms and asparagus omelet from MC Kitchen: Yes, Dena Marino’s MC Kitchen is known throughout Miami for it’s fresh homemade pasta and delicious Modern Italian fare — but it also has one of the best brunches in town. Try its seasonal stuffed omelet filled with local mushrooms, Spring fresh asparagus, black Tuscan kale, Florida Heirloom tomatoes and Florida Crispy Soft Shell Crab.

3. Caramelized Pears and Calabrian Chiles Pizza at Harry’s Pizzeria: The variety of pizzas seems endless at Harry’s Pizzeria and we aren’t complaining. This springtime pizza features fresh fruit in the form of caramelized pears, then has a level of heat added with cubanelle peppers and is then topped with tangy trugole cheese and spicy arugula for a fresh kick.

4. Greek Village Salad at Mandolin: Not only does this Design District locale use fresh ingredients, they are so committed to it that they now have a garden in their back yard! This salad is filled with bright tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, green peppers, red onions, olives and capers.

Cypress Room: Duck Over Veggies

5. Duck Bacon over spring vegetables at The Cypress Room: Just when we thought bacon couldn’t get any better, we are introduced to duck bacon. And although bacon may not conjure up images of Spring, this springtime take on bacon will. The dish is prepared by The Cypress Room’s executive chef with sliced duck bacon on a bed of fresh vegetables like young green peas, carrots and then pickled rhubarb in hibiscus flowers, and tops the dishes with a strawberry vinaigrette and honey.

Make sure to stop by your favorite Design District restaurants soon and check out these dishes since this beautiful springtime produce won’t be around for long!

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