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An audiophile’s oasis has opened at Deja Vu Audio South in the iconic Moore Building.  Lounging in one of four listening rooms, Johnny Cash’s “If You Could Read My Mind” on a DaVinciAudio Labs turntable never sounded so alive.  Both the grit of his voice and the qualities unique to the recording permeated through the space.  To appreciate music in this way feels like a ritual meant to bring you closer to the artist; it’s also like an act of homage that pays due respect to the way in which the album was intended to be heard. 

Deja Vu

Deja Vu Audio South’s owner Eric Gould tells the story of how he was at an audiophile bar in Japan for five or six hours, and left without the usual headache or listening fatigue. “It’s the difference between systems that focus on performance and systems designed to play what music really sounds like… the human voice.”  He explains, “Many years ago, I became more aware of how I was listening to and enjoying music.  Most of our equipment is hand-crafted by audio artisans from around the world.  We also build custom systems that you have to see and hear to believe.”

Deja Vu

In an afternoon visit at Deja Vu Audio South, an amateur can learn about the value of analog sound, vacuum tubes, and of Western Electric—the holy grail of audio nirvana designed pre-1950s with premier parts for commercial purposes.  If inner workings or provenance isn’t your thing, just listen to the music.  More than a showroom, Gould invites visitors to an intimate space where songs can be rediscovered; you might sit down to listen to a record, only to find yourself tearing up in the presence of a perfect stranger.

From analog and digital audio components, to speakers, turntables and headphone systems, Deja Vu Audio South offers a wide range of leading products for any budget with brands including Audio Note UK, Synthesis, Conrad Johnson, Harbeth, Clearaudio, Koetsu, and Grado, to name a few.  For more information or to schedule a visit, email or go to

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