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In an ode to women, Markowicz Fine Art has dedicated its summer program to the artists and subjects that we admire, and to the men that admire them.  A selection of photography, sculpture, painting and mixed media explore femininity, sexuality and female curves in all their glory. Unapologetic and defiant, “Summer Women” is a celebration. 

(Sculpture by Carole Feuerman)

Known for its colorful program and ever-changing collection of artworks, Markowicz Fine Art is nestled in the heart of the Miami Design District. Three stories of statement pieces occupy its storefront, and represent a variety of mediums, materials and proportions.  In “Summer Women,” Carole Feuerman’s Miniature Balance with Swarovski Crystals is particularly timely and earnest.  A pioneering artist in the world of hyperrealist sculpture, Feuerman’s often represents women in well-fitted bathing suits, goggles, and bathing caps, in positions that exude both inner peace and natural beauty.

(Painting by Bambi)

Bambi, a new addition to Markowicz’s roster for this show, has been a covert graffiti artist in the London area for many years.  Though her true identity is unknown, her interpretations of public figures are highly visible in the UK.  As if to complement Marc Quinn’s monumental, back-bending Kate Moss sculpture in Palm Court, Bambi’s portrait of the supermodel Cara Delevingne distills her pronounced features to a chromatic screenprint on paper—a representation that’s accessible and desirable in its simplicity.

(Painting by Joël Moens)

“Summer Women” isn’t only about the female gaze.  In the photo mosaics of Joël Moens de Hase, the viewer receives a glimpse of old world sensuality through his hyper-detailed digital art form.  Gallerist Bernard Markowicz explains, “[Joël Moens] is a Belgian photographer whose work is made up of thousands of photographic fragments of feminine curves… A veritable homage to sensuality, and a symphony of colors that unleashes the imagination.” 

(Mixed Media by Steve Gagnon)

New works currently on view at Markowicz Fine Art include the power-coated aluminum silhouettes of Steve Gagnon and the photography of Maurice Renoma.  “Summer Women” runs through September 23. The gallery is located at 110 NE 40th Street, Miami. For more information, visit the website at

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