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A leopard may not be able to change its spots, but some zebras can in fact change their stripes. Get ready to channel your inner zebra because this spring vertical, horizontal and every-which-way stripes are in for the season and there’s no reason to limit the direction you wear them.


Top To Bottom
Vertical bands, which get kudos for their figure flattering illusions, will have you lining up to snag Louis Vuitton’s black and white stripe blouse accented by grommets. It is a go-to for day or night as it is a versatile piece that can be worn with shorts, skirts jeans or pants. Fendi takes blue and white stripes beyond nautical with its playful, floor length and flowing sleeveless dress. For the chilly Miami nights (don’t laugh, we may get one, maybe two more) or to shield you from the arctic blasts when walking into a store or restaurant around town, Miu Miu’s multi-color coat is the perfect piece.

Side To Side
Many often shy away from horizontal lines for fear of an unflattering look, but the truth is vertical lines — if done right — can have a slimming effect. Pieces like Fendi’s crop top shirts, which comes in an array of color combinations, does the trend just right and in a flattering way. Also, Alice + Olivia’s floor-length, stripped dress screams spring and is the perfect ladies who lunch or brunch attire.

Unexpected Lines
Accessories may seem like an unexpected place to see stripes, but Fendi draws the line all the way down. From slip on sneakers featuring navy and red stripes that hit at your lower calf (no need for socks thanks to these) to black and gold striped slip on slides, you can incorporate the trend from the bottom up.

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