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September is just around the corner, and here in Miami, that means we’ve reached that beautiful time of year when it’s not quite as humid as usual. (I think the rest of the country calls that “fall?”)

When Miami is too hot to handle, South Floridians have found plenty of ways to beat the heat. But when that nice “fall” weather sets in, you better believe we’re going to be outside.

With that in mind, there’s no better time than the present to throw an outdoor BBQ! But before we do, we wanted a few BBQ tips and tricks from the best: our Miami Design District chefs. Here’s what three — the venerable Dena Marina, Michael Schwartz and Odell Torres — had to say:

Dena Marino (MC Kitchen):

“There are three things I need: First, a drink made with fresh fruit and tequila. (Shaken, not stirred!) Second, a cold Dogfish Head beer. And finally, a great marinated wagyu skirt steak with a bunch of fresh vegetables… either to grill or use to make an awesome salad!”

Michael Schwartz (Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, ella and Harry’s Pizzeria):

“When it comes to grilling, give your meat an extra layer of flavor by tossing damp woody herbs, like thyme and rosemary, directly onto the fire. If you prefer fish, salmon steaks are the perfect cut of fish for grilling. They’re really thick and meaty, and don’t stick to the grill like filets, which makes them ideal for grilling. Throw your vegetables on the grill, too. Buy your lettuce in whole heads. Make sure you cut thick enough on the vein so it holds together. Drizzle liberally with olive oil and seasoning, then use tongs to mark each side of your “steaks.” Dress as you like. I shave big slices of Pecorino on mine.”

Odell Torres (Estefan Kitchen):

“When I prepare for a BBQ, I like to keep my side dishes light and fresh. I recommend using local, seasonal mixed fresh fruits and vegetables, and serving cold salads and beverages. Sangria is always a good choice! Light seasoning and sauces are good in the summer, too.”

Happy grilling!

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