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Film lovers have a new reason to rejoice: Nite Owl Theater has found a permanent home here in the Miami Design District, with a screening schedule chock full of classic films and family faves, perfect for a night out at MDD. Nayib Estefan’s long running 35-mm screening series continues in the District with classics like Grease, Vertigo, and The Lion King.

Located upstairs in the Melin Building, Nite Owl Theater’s weekly programming of classic films and cult favorites highlights film the way it’s meant to be viewed; on 35mm film on the big screen.


“I believe that each and every screening is special, as almost every time we are showing the only copy of the movie on 35mm film that still exists,” Estefan tells us.  “Pretty much every screening is a very rare chance to catch the film on the original release print that everyone saw when it ran in the theaters, way back when.”

We’re loving this truly one-of-a-kind experience #atMDD. Nowadays the film-watching experience isn’t what it used to be, and pure moviegoing experiences are rarer than they should be. As for Nayib Estefan, he is doing his part to ’keep 35 alive.’

“We are at a point where something like the Nite Owl is getting harder and harder to come by,” Estefan says. “As access to equipment and parts disappears and as all the old prints disintegrate, get out of your house and watch your favorite movie on 35mm while you still can, the way it is meant to be seen. In a room full of weirdos that love your favorite movie as much as you do.”

Check out the Nite Owl Theater’s schedule here and head over to the Melin Building this month to catch your fave flick.

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