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If your outfit is a work of art, your statement bag is the finishing touch. Belted, beaded, bejeweled—no matter what your style, there is an ‘it bag’ for every outing in your life. You truly can never have too many purses, so we’ve rounded up our five favorite handbags available at MDD.   

Belt Bag

The Belt Bag 

We might have retired the phrase “fanny pack,” but that doesn’t mean the love isn’t there. Belt bags are not only the chic craze of the season, but they’re convenient as ever. Gucci’s retro-inspired GG Marmont belt bag is a playful statement. Adorned with ornate crystal stars, this rounded velvet mini bag would make a dazzling new addition to your next look.  

The Hat Box Bag

The Hat Box Bag 

Both artistic and timeless, Louis Vuitton’s latest collection features a must-have silhouette: the hat box bag. Reminiscent of the Jackie O. era, the hat box-inspired shape is just one iteration of the circular statement bag that has reigned all-year-long. This imaginative fall pick is a style that will withstand the test of time!  

The Drawstring Bag

The Drawstring Bag 

Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most sophisticated. Saint Laurent’s Teddy drawstring bag is a classic staple in smooth leather. Pair this stunner with your favorite over-the-knee boots and a simple black turtle neck for a fierce fall look.   

The Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag  

Who doesn’t love a blast from the past? Dior’s iconic saddle bag returned to the fashion house’s fall/winter collection with vintage charm. Every ‘it girl’ of the ’90s needed a Dior’s emblematic purse on their arm. In the year 2018, so do you.  

The Box Bag

The Box Bag 

Large, loosely shaped bags were a thing of the summer. This fall, we’re all about structure. Dolce & Gabbana’s petite Dolce Box bag is ready to be inducted into your fall closet. Don’t judge a bag by its size. It might be small, but this boxy beauty speaks volumes.     




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