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Bold, chunky necklaces have had their moment. These days, it’s all about dainty layers and personal pieces. Building the perfect necklace stack can be quite the challenge. Pairing the right pieces is a delicate balance that can be either a hit or miss. We’ve put together some tips to teach you how to necklace layer like a pro.

  1. Match your metals.

Hear us out. Mixing your metals can invariably work, but we prefer to keep it monochromatic. Opt for either all golds, all silvers, or all rose gold, but keep in mind the finish and try to keep the stack looking cohesive. To add some texture, you can choose metals with slightly different finishes (ie: pairing gold with brass) but keep an eye on it to make sure it feels like it pairs naturally and not like the pieces don’t belong together.

  1. Choose necklaces of varying lengths.

This is the important one. Make sure that the necklaces you choose come in multiple lengths and can all lay flat on your neck without tangling together. Most necklaces have multiple length options on the chain, so make sure you test out different lengths to find your perfect fit.

  1. Mix and match your weights.

Choose pieces of varying weights. Keep lighter more delicate pieces closer to your neck and style them with the weights in ascending order. (The heaviest necklace should be longest!)

  1. Opt for personal pieces.

Necklace layering is a great way to have fun with your jewelry and to express your personality, interests, and what’s important to you. Choose pieces of significance, whether it’s a family heirloom, a loved one’s name, an important date, or just something that has meaning to you. The best necklace stacks are arguably the most personal.

Some of our favorite necklaces perfect for layering: 


Tiffany & Co


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