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Hey Miami, chances are you’ve probably heard of lifestyle blogger Efrain Bueres. He’s that Miami guy whose Instagram, @Officiallyefrain, is packed with cool travel pics. When he is exploring the world he likes to read the news in a plush hotel bed while room service delivers croissants and freshly-brewed coffee. Without a doubt he leads a fabulous life and loves everything Miami has to offer; so we thought who better to tell us how to spend a day in the District?

Efrain Bueres in the Miami Design District

The Time: 8am

The Place: OTL

The Reason: Coffeeeeee, specifically ice coffee with almond milk and Avocado toast. “If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll order a Banana Quinoa Muffin (FIRE). Plus, “a place where you can have a delicious meal to start your day and at the same time get an Insta pic—this is what I call a win-win situation.”

The Time: 9am

The Place: OrangeTheory

The Reason: Fitness matters. “When I want a challenge and/or near-death experience, I’ll take an OrangeTheory class. I love that class atmosphere, especially since I usually work out alone at my home gym. It’s nice to get a different workout in with people who can motivate and help push you. When alone, I would probably be OK with wrapping it up quicker.” 

The Time: 11am

The Place: The Spot Barbershop

The Reason: Sprucing up. “I get a high fade and I try to clean up/control my gruff (beard). I usually only let one person touch my hair/beard. When he's out of town, I go nowhere else but The Spot. The Spot had such a vibe from the décor, to the music, to the welcome cafecito they gave you while you wait.”

The Time: 12:30pm

The Place: Istituto Marangoni Miami

The Reason: Selfie time. “The building's architect reminds me of when I'm in Soho, N.Y.”

Efrain Bueres at Gelareh Mizrahi Boutique in the Miami Design District

The Time: 1pm

The Place: Gelareh Mizrahi 

The Reason: Pins for my backpack. “I need to stop by Gelareh Mizrahi to see if they got any new pieces. Also, need to stop by to take a pic in front of the iconic store skate ramp—so dope!”

The Time: 2pm

The Place: Mandolin

The Reason: Lunching with friends. “What’s not to love? The food is amazing, the ambience is perfect and did I mention the food is incredible?” He’ll be starting off with the mezes Greek sampler, followed by the köfte grilled sirloin meatballs and closing it with a lamb burger. 

The Time: 4pm

The Place: Lower East Coast

The Reason: My new obsession—coffee table books for my apartment. You can be sure I will walk out with one. You can never have too many books, right? Plus, this place is a black hole for me. When I don’t walk out with a coffee table book that I don’t need, then I’m for sure trying to get a new closet.”

Efrain Bueres at the Miami Design District

The Time: 5:30pm

The Place: St. Roch Market 

The Reason: Happy hour. If it’s during the week I’m probably having a beer and if it’s the weekend, a vodka soda.I know I’m basic and boring, but I’m having the drink so, bug off. 

The Time: 7pm

The Place: Michael’s Genuine 

The Reason: Dinner with friends. “I mean their pizza is out of this world.”

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