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Burgers, bikinis and a very cute Pomeranian. If that trio sounds familiar you’ve probably scrolled through Jasmine Tosh Stewart’s Instagram. Yes, she lives the good life, as evidenced by her account @jasmine_tosh. From her beach days to her lunch encounters to her shopping sprees in the Design District, Jasmine makes the most of her days in Miami. Follow her adventures with the hashtag #JasmineToshLately or visit her blog at to see what else she is up to. Here’s how she spends her days in the Design District. 

The Time: 10am

The Place: OTL

The Reason: Coffee. “ I usually always go to OTL for a quick iced coffee or matcha lemonade,” Jasmine says. “I need caffeine to survive basically.” So why OTL? “I like their interior decor and have been going to OTL since they opened,” she says. 

Jasmine Tosh at Miami Design District

The Time: Noon 

The Place: Dior

The Reason: Photoshoot. “I love shooting in front of the Dior window area also for a full outfit post. I have taken pictures in every single corner of the Miami Design District since they opened, I call it my second office,” she jokes. “I love to take pics esp in front of the Fendi store because they always change the color of the wall in front of it. I also love the marble in front of Celine.” 

Jasmine Tosh at Dior Cafe in Miami Design District

The Time: 12:45pm

The Place: Louis Vuitton

The Reason: “A purse I don’t need, because I am obsessed with handbags, and I need a new white bag.” This time around it’s the Louis Vuitton On the Go GM.

Jasmine Tosh wearing Louis Vuitton at Miami Design District

The Time: 1:30pm

The Place: MC Kitchen

The Reason: Italian with a friend. “I love the pastas and salads.” 


The Time: 3pm

The Place: Theory 

The Reason: “At this point I’m window shopping after Louis Vuitton,” she jokes, “But I do love Theory and Rag & Bone for new clothing. Those are my go-to stores.”

Jasmine Tosh in the Miami Design District

The Time: 5pm

The Place: Swan

The Reason: Cheers to happy hour. “I definitely head to Swan or Bar Bevy for drinks.”

Jasmine Tosh in the Miami Design District

The Time: 7pm

The Place: Still Swan 

The Reason: Keep the vibe going. “It’s a great atmosphere and they have fantastic food, so I’m inviting my friends to join me at Swan.”

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