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Summer in Miami means one thing (OK, two if you count the humidity) that rain is going to happen at some point during the course of the day. That 5 o'clock black cloud rolling in is a sure-fire sign you need to get your rear in gear—rain gear. And I mean stat. Here are a few things worth investing in to keep those downpours at a distance.

en avance, umbrella, mini sky

The Sky is Falling
Of course you won't find a run-of-the-mill umbrella at En Avance. But you will find this artistic twist with the M.O.M.A Mini Sky Umbrella to keep you dry in a typical Miami monsoon.

LV Umbrella and boots

Personalized Precipitation
Leave it up to Louis Vuitton to keep you covered during storm season (which, in Miami, can sometimes feel like all the time.) The monogrammed umbrella with maple wood shaft and leather handle is a classy way to keep dry in a drizzle or stay shielded in a squall. Outfit feet in the Splash High rubber rain boot with high shine rubber to show puddles who's boss.

Hermes towel

Dry Idea
Made it out the door without your trusty umbrella by your side? Dab off what Mother Nature dished out with an oversized towel from Hermès. The scenic print will remind you of the more glorious summer beach days ahead.

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