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Smells have a big effect on our moods and how we react to the ups and downs of the world. Zesty citrus can lift your mood while soothing lavender can promote relaxation. 

With the thought of how scents can influence our lives, we’ve chosen fragrances from the neighborhood’s luxury perfumeries that might increase your focus, energy, and possibly even happiness wherever your scent trails.



The House of Creed boutique is located in Paradise Plaza, 151 NE 41st Street, Suite 143, home to many illustrious fragrances. As one of the oldest perfume houses in the world, it's legacy began with a bottle of "Royal English Leather" — after King George III commissioned a fragrance, inspired by a pair of scented Creed leather gloves.


Creed's most iconic fragrance is Creed Aventus, a sophisticated blend that celebrates power, strength, and success. The House recently launched Creed Aventus Cologne, a perfect complement to its counterparts, bursting with exceptional freshness and woodiness. Its top notes are mandarin, ginger, and Baie Rose. Citrus has long been recognized for its energizing properties and this expressive cologne is sure to uplift your mood. 

Insider tip: Spray a touch of perfume behind your knees—it’s the perfect pulse point for the aroma to travel up your body. 


bond no 9

Bond No 9, located at 112 NE 41st Steet Suite 102. Founded by CEO Laurice Rahme— one of the first females ever to head a fragrance company!—she named her brand after their address in New York. Following that tradition, Bond's newest scent is named after one of the city's neighborhoods, TriBeCa. This fragrance beholds the energy the city has to offer. 

Its top notes are irresistible cacao and green hazelnut—reflective of TriBeCa’s famed coffee shops— its base note is sultry and luxurious jasmine sambac. The smell of caffeine has deep associations with awakeness and productivity. This perfume may just help you bring those energies with you throughout the day. 

No matter what scent you select, always remember to elevate your surroundings well and select an aroma for your atmosphere—the result can indeed be altering.

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