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Since taking her post as Head of Editorial for Vogue Mexico and Latin America in 2016, Karla Martinez de Salas has earned the reputation of boundary-pushing leadership and creativity. Born in El Paso, TX, Karla was raised in a way most multicultural families will relate to. Born and raised in the US, speaking Spanish at home and visiting Mexico each summer, Karla quickly became a success in the fashion industry, as assistant editor of Vogue US, fashion director of The New York Times’ T Magazine, and fashion director of the iconic Interview Magazine. 

The multiculturalism of her upbringing and her experience in fashion is what contributes to her ability to bring something of an outsider’s eye to the fashion and design world of Latin America, determined to highlight the region’s rich and vibrant history, and celebrate non- Eurocentric standards of beauty. 

This year, Karla Martinez pushes the boundaries of the Vogue institution once again, by bringing the first-ever Vogue pop-up to Miami: Espacio Vogue. From September 30th to October 3rd Vogue will be opening a four-day exclusive and highly curated pop-up in our very own Miami Design District. Guests will have access to new, fresh Latin American talent in fashion, design, beauty, and accessories. 

We sat down with the mastermind behind it all, Vogue Mexico and Latin America Head of Editorial,‚Äč Karla Martinez de Salas, who will be in the Miami Design District to inaugurate the opening of this experience. 

What does Miami and specifically the Design District bring to the Espacio Vogue Miami experience? And what does this moment mean for Latin American fashion? 

The Design District is one of the most important retail spaces in the world, it’s really a global destination, so it’s an amazing experience to have our pop-up as part of this space. We really want to keep putting Latin America on the global stage and this space allows us to do that. Miami is not only a destination where Latin Americans love to travel to but people from around the world. 

As Vogue Mexico and Latin America Head of Editorial, how do you balance representing the diverse cultures/ voices of the region one magazine? 

I think it's important to have different voices represented in the magazine. Latin America is so rich in culture and heritage - we have voices from all over the region in many different fields - Colombian singers and designers but also Argentinian actresses and designers. It's a big job and with it comes the responsibility to talk about what Latinos are doing around the world. 

What Latin America designers/ creatives we should be keeping our eye on? 

I personally love what WIlly Chavarria is doing in the menswear arena but I also love the collaboration between Peruvian Mexican designer Sandra Weil and M2 Malletier. I love what Pronto Muy Pronto is doing in the retail space as well. 

Help us articulate that Latin American je ne sais quoi that comes through so clearly in its fashion designers? 

Latin Americans are always happy and festive - you see that in our fashion, there is always great energy and spirit in our designs! 

We cannot wait to experience Espacio Vogue Miami with you. Please reserve your entry to the store HERE. 

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