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Inspired by the energy of Miami's queer community, Atelier Office presents SPARKLE. An assemblage of metal disks, solar cells, and LEDs, the installation recalls sequins, glimmering and twisting within the neighborhood's courtyards and passageways while celebrating the vitality that gender non-conformity has imparted to Miami's fashion nightlife, and overall character. SPARKLE draws attention while also implicitly defining socially distant spheres of space. Metal tiles shimmer and refract the sunlight while providing shade. After dusk, the LED lights powered by solar energy light up the night sky.

The Firm / Designers

Combining over 25 years of architectural design knowledge, Amina Blacksher and Mitch McEwen have earned experience in large- scale projects in New York City, Austin, Detroit, Singapore and Vancouver. The team has worked on client projects in Canada, the Bahamas and Brazil, as well as a range of projects as designers for Bernard Tschumi Architects, W Architecture and Ennead Architects. Amina Blacksher is an architectural designer whose work uses analog and digital methods to harness force, mass, momentum and energy to articulate scenario-based form. Mitch McEwen is an architectural and urban designer as well as an international expert in mixed-use, mixed-income zoning and media zones. Blacksher teaches at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation and McEwen is an Assistant Professor at Princeton University School of Architecture.

Amina Blacksher

V. Mitch McEwen

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