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RISiNG takes visitors on a journey that visualizes the impacts of climate change in Miami as water levels rise. MDD blocks have been divided and defined as storm categories from level one to five, where native trees are wrapped in a variety of blue muslin fabrics to signify the impacts of rising water levels. The journey begins in Palm Court, which represents storm Category One, and trees are wrapped around their lower trunks. As visitors journey north, they'll be immersed "under water," and by the time they've reached Paradise Plaza they will experience Category Five, where rows of light blue "wavelike" fabrics are suspended from the trees. At Jungle Plaza, guests encounter Contain, a blue shipping container transformed to share stories, sounds, and images from local communities already clearly impacted by climate change. Ultimately, RISiNG affirms the necessity of rising together to combat these issues.

The Firm / Designers

Nicole Nomsa Moyo is an urban designer with a passion for human-centric design, master planning, innovative and disruptive sustainable development, community engagement processes, and intelligent future thinking. In 2019, her work was recognized on multiple international design platforms, including the World Architecture Community, Dezeen, and ArchDaily, where two of her drawings were selected as "The Best Architecture Drawings of the Year." She presented her award-winning MA thesis, UKUBUTHA, at Africa's biggest design conference, Design Indaba. Ukubutha is directed towards a formative community-based, waste-to-energy management, designed with socially-driven architectural solutions. The work is currently part of the State of Extremes Exhibition at the Design Museum Holon in Israel.

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