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Lucía Fainzilber: Untitled (the Female Gaze), 2014-2022

Lucía Fainzilber: Untitled (the Female Gaze), 2014-2022 Image

Past Exhibition

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28 digital prints on vinyl.

Presented by Praxis Gallery. 

This site-specific installation is comprised of three photographic series by New York-based photographer Lucía Fainzilber. Arranged in an original sequence, the highly stylized visual compositions trigger an enhanced sensorial perception through a deliberate manipulation of the artist’s preferred subjects: fabrics, food, and color. The use of fabrics as back-drops in a series of self-portraits creates the illusion of a subject blending into the background, dismantling the otherwise ubiquitous objectification of female bodies. Portraits of food bring to the fore allegorical implications of sensuality and cultural identity, reinvigorating the genre of still-life compositions.

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