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9 Miami Men Changing the Culture of the Magic City

9 Miami Men Changing the Culture of the Magic City

Katie Jackson

Pioneering developers and restaurateurs. The mastermind behind #LIVonSunday and the guy who made Kygo an EDM superstar. Meet the men who are responsible for solidifying the Magic City's status as one of the coolest destinations in the world.

Bristol Tower, Santa Maria and the Epic Hotel & Residences are just a few of Ugo Colombo’s contributions to the Miami skyline. The Italian businessman, who also owns The Collection and races sports cars “every once in a while” in his spare time, was the first developer to bring luxury residences to the mainland. With acute precision and a love for the finer things, Colombo ensures that each project is nothing short of spectacular. “Being Italian, I have the ability to source materials in Italy, and I think it delivers a higher quality.” Now, Colombo is focusing on building Brickell Flatiron, a lavish 64-story condo tower in the heart of Brickell. “People want to live where they work,” says Colombo. “Brickell Flatiron captures that lifestyle, where you can take an elevator and walk to a variety of shops, restaurants and offices. It’s the Manhattan lifestyle in Miami.”

Craig Robins, President & CEO, DACRA

The Miami Design District is only the Miami Design District because Craig Robins saw huge potential in 25 previously underused acres smack in the middle of Miami. He had a vision. “I began my career by acquiring properties on South Beach and bringing that neighborhood back to life,” says Robins. “A number of the fundamental principles were the same for the Design District—both had storied pasts, interesting architecture and the opportunity to juxtapose something contemporary with the historic.” Throughout the past two decades, Robins has created a wonderland of fashion, art and design. “The Miami Design District is a place where you can be inspired,” he says.

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