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March is Women’s History Month, a time we celebrate all the world’s “sheroes”, those who broke barriers and dedicated their lives to gender equality. In honor of spotlighting the achievements of women, we’re highlighting: Surface Area Presents: Woman Made.

Woman Made

This new and special exhibition in the heart of Miami Design District showcases standout pieces by all-female artists, designers, and makers. The show, featuring, more than 40 visionary creatives is curated by Samantha Coven Ehrlich and Catie Case. 

Woman Made

 “By utilizing techniques typically associated with traditional ‘women’s work’—beading, knitting, and ceramics—along with a mix of painting, photography, sculpture, and design, these women push the boundaries of their respective mediums to reimagine the female role in contemporary art and society,” says Ehrlich, an art adviser and director of partnerships at Surface. 

Woman Made

The work displayed speaks to feminism on deep levels. Through the mix of sculptures, paintings, photography, and design, these established and emerging female artists use art to highlight gender equality while breaking the bias to reimagine the role of females in the world of contemporary art.

Visit the exhibition today at Surface Area. Woman Made will be showcased through March at 151 NE 41 Street, Suite 119.


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