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“Take Over Miami'' was unveiled to the public during Miami Art Week 2023 in what can only be described as the artist’s most ambitious architectural takeover to date. This temporary public art installation was Reisinger’s first-ever physical take-over (a real-life version of his viral virtual installations) and was showcased in the Miami Design District from December 4 to 10 at 178 NE 39 St.

The Argentinian artist is best known for his iconic digital “Take-Overs”, in which photographs of buildings around the world are superimposed with his signature pink draping. Ethereal and utopian in feeling, the series’ hyper-realistic quality makes the images appear deceivingly physical, blurring the boundaries between what is real and what’s not. “Take Over Miami” marked the first physical translation of Reisinger’s classic digital art pieces and was the height of Miami Art Week 2023.

According to Reisinger, the distinction between the digital and physical worlds becomes irrelevant when considering the human experience. He believes that anything that constitutes a human experience is real, regardless of whether it exists in the digital or physical realm. Now that the audience is confronted with his digitally-native artwork in a physical setting, it begs the question: How will the experience of the physical iteration differ from that of the digital series?

Undoubtedly, there is a collision here between the realms of imagination and reality. The "Take Over" series serves as a powerful experiment, showcasing the ability of the digital medium to democratize art, by circulating freely and making it globally collectible. By bringing these digital creations into the physical world, Reisinger triggers some thought-provoking questions that seek to push the conversation forward in the exploration of a virtual reality. Essentially, “Take-Over Miami” deploys a simultaneous consideration of the tangible landscapes we inhabit, and the internal visions that live within us.

Reisinger believes that the installation is more than just a visual spectacle. After seeing Miami’s groundbreaking installation, one can't help but wonder if the "Take Over" series will be popping up in other cities. Further, where will he take it next? In this groundbreaking installation, Reisinger’s has given himself a new medium and reality to explore.

Developed in collaboration with the Miami Design District.

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