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NEO Miami Design District, a rotating pop-up that will spotlight emerging fashion brands every month, has officially made its anticipated debut in the neighborhood.

This visionary shopping experience is set to redefine the retail landscape by offering new and unique designers a space to showcase their innovative approaches. This dynamic and immersive initiative brings new creatives together in one space, building a uniquely exclusive and captivating environment—all while drenching the neighborhood with vibrancy.

NEO Miami Design District’s inaugural opening features two blooming and energetic brands: Stolen Stores and Les Miss NYC. The thought child of two visionary sisters, Sanacaht and Onarin Siriviroj, Stolen Stores effortlessly integrates artisanal techniques with contemporary approaches—ultimately manifesting a modern reflection of the founder’s Thai roots. Operating from a dedicated Bangkok atelier, Stolen Stores trains local artisans with exceptional techniques, ensuring each piece embodies their notable blend of tradition and modernity.

Les Miss NYC is a woman-owned and operated small business that arose as a response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Established by Leah Gans, Les Miss NYC crafts a curated breadth of clothing, jewelry and accessories, vintage treasures and handmade pieces from fellow small businesses. Les Miss NYC’s approach reflects the essence of community and creativity in all of its work.

At the core of the MDD lies an ethos of creative brilliance, innovation and connection. The debut of NEO Miami Design District is a natural reflection and extension of this historical approach. The lifespan of NEO Miami Design District will serve as a port of entry for national and international brands looking to enter the Miami market and connect with a new audience—all within our dynamic, energetic and fashion-forward neighborhood

Together, Les Miss NYC and Stolen Stores build a saturated, lively atmosphere. One that centers bold creative expression—and inspires us to do the same. Visit Stolen Stores and Les Miss NYC at NEO Miami Design District through January 31st at 35 NE 40th St. NEO’s next group of brands will debut in the District on February 5th.

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