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Whether you’re chasing New Year's resolutions or looking to take some well-deserved relaxation, Miami’s Design District is the premier location to try a skin-care pick-me-up, take on a new fitness routine or nosh on health-centered cuisine. From Ahana Yoga’s restorative focus on the mind-body connection to AVIVA Medical Spa’s therapeutic hydra facials, there’s something for everyone to try in the District. We curated a list of some of our favorites here: 


Breathe, Stretch, Move

Rapha Racing 

Rapha Racing would argue that the natural landscape of Miami is best seen on wheels. Rapha’s Miami Clubhouse organizes group rides every week and hosts exclusive exhibitions, panel discussions and workouts. The MDD x Rapha rides loop around the city’s parks and golf courses and go past Miami Beach and Key Biscayne, stopping for Cuban drink options like sweetened Cortaditos and Coffee Coladas. The District is hosting a community bike ride on Feb. 4 – more details here.


Ahana Yoga

Ahana Yoga has built a community-driven practice in the District, consisting of “teachers, students, healers, surfers, runners & everything in between.” Led by the beloved Dawn B, this studio is meant for everyone and anyone and offers a mix of flow and restorative classes. 


DBC Fitness

Looking for more personalized guidance? DCB Fitness’ trainers have worked with everyone from Ironman athletes, to vegan bodybuilders to a Ph.D. level biomechanist. Their new 8,000-square-foot training facility and recovery lounge bring their philosophy of biomechanics to Miami, where clients can access a team of educated sports performance coaches, biomechanists, medical professionals and personal trainers.


Orange Theory Fitness

All you need are 60 minutes to start experiencing the metabolism and strength benefits from Orange Theory’s fast and effective workout classes. Based on five heart rate training zones, Orangetheory coaches lead clients through strength training, rowing and treadmill class portions to deliver a personalized experience in a group setting.


Self-Care Rituals 

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Spa

German aesthetics doctor Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Molecular Cosmetics skincare collection has built up a cult following for good reason — crafted over 25 years of research, it brings 300 products and more than 5,000 curated skincare routines to the industry. Her cutting-edge anti-inflammatory treatments and products are available at her boutique and spa in Miami, where clients can book services such as lymphatic sculpt massages and anti-pigmentation facials.


AVIVA Medical Spa

Miami’s AVIVA Medical Spa embraces the connection between health and confidence to empower its clients with tailored, state-of-the-art beauty treatments. The full-service spa offers injectables and fillers, energy and laser procedures, therapeutic body and facial messages, hair removal, body contouring and more, all in an atmosphere of luxury.



Biodent views dentistry as more than a beautiful smile. Miami’s leading biological and holistic dentist practice, guided by Dr. Daylis de Andrade, emphasizes the use of non-toxic biomaterials and nutrition in dental care to achieve oral health and overall well-being.


Mindful Eating

Pura Vida 

Known for its all-day breakfast menu and variety of vegan and gluten-free options, Pura Vida is the perfect place for a food detour or pick me up in the District. Founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife team Omer and Jennifer Horev, the company has also worked to give back to the community, partnering with local beach cleanup organizations and local youth artists to create custom-decorated recycling bins for Pura Vida.


Mandolin Aegean Bistro

It’s no secret that Mediterranean cuisine yields a plethora of health benefits. With a focus on simplicity, authenticity and quality, Mandolin takes inspiration from the coastal towns and cuisine of the region surrounding Turkey and Greece with its menu, which features Greek classics and seasonal dishes.


Le Jardinier 

Rooted in Chef Alain Verzeroli’s vision to combine seasonal elements with top-caliber technique, Le Jardinier brings the elegance of French culinary style to the heart of Miami with dishes that earned the restaurant a Michelin Star. The location opens up to an outdoor patio and has an innovative cocktail program to pair with their dishes.

This next month is the perfect time to spice up your fitness routine with the District’s variety of workout classes or to discover a new favorite feel-good restaurant. Check out more events happening this month, from MDD’s Rapha Community Bike Ride to farm-to-table chef Michael Schwartz’s Farmer’s Market Brunch, on the Miami Design District’s website. Whether you’re chasing New Year's resolutions or looking to take some well-deserved relaxation, Miami’s Design District is the premier location to try a skin-care pick-me-up, take on a new fitness routine or nosh on health-centered cuisine

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