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For NEO’s highly anticipated February launch, three budding streetwear brands debuted in the district’s rotating pop-up space. Riding off the tail of an impressive January lineup, Runaway New York, Ça Va Vertica, and Senja have already staked their claim as the neighborhood’s latest go-to for menswear. The space, having gone from utterly darling to now street-daring, is turning heads for its urban edge and forward-thinking energy. As cultivated by three pioneering menswear labels, NEO’s latest launch continues the neighborhood's oath towards innovation.

Runaway New York, founded by artist and designer, Jagger Walk, in 2018, is a clothing brand that represents the paragon of contemporary fashion and lifestyle. Esteemed for its artistry and commitment to craftsmanship, the brand has inadvertently gone global, celebrating its streetwear in world-renowned cities like Paris, Miami, London, Tokyo, and, its birthplace, New York City. The clever spirit of Runaway New York is nurtured by NEO's platform and the Miami Design District’s unwavering eye for ingenuity. 

Local to Miami, Ça Va Vertica creates streetwear through the lens of humanity and health. Ça Va Vertica is a French phrase, roughly translating to “It goes up”, and is the genesis of the brand’s operating principles. With a mission to power garments with energy that inspires confidence and courage, the humble linen exacts its revenge through its scientific impact on health. On par with the neighborhood’s pillar for sustainability, all garments are produced ethically and in small batches right here in Miami.

Amongst good company, Senja’s boutique line of linen shirts, shorts and pants at NEO will soon be available online. Conceptualized by Harry Miller, and made with love in Bali, Senja encourages celebration of cultures, reveling in endless summers, and cherishing the journey of life. The use of linen points to Senja’s sharp design sensibility and profound global influence. The neighborhood is delighted to offer a reprieve from the depths of winter through Senja’s curated selection of sun-soaked and Mediterranean-inspired apparel. 

In this metaphorical turning of seasons, the Miami Design District is thrilled to once again offer a platform for emerging brands from around the world. Holding true to its reputation for innovation and forward-thinking, NEO’s heart is extended through the life of each brand it hosts. Stop by NEO on 35 NE 40th St., Miami, FL 33137 from 11AM to 8PM Monday-Sunday.

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