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Nestled next to Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Scotch & Soda, which hails from Amsterdam, is a chic little boutique that mixes laid back classic style with a modern-day twist. The brand arrived in the Design District in December 2011 as a pop up store. Soon after, though, it made its home in the area permanent. And ever since, the store has been outfitting Miamians in chic vintage-esque street styles.

Now you can snatch up those styles for a fraction of the price, as the spring/summer collection is currently selling for 50 percent off, with blazers and jackets going for 60 percent off.

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Some of the looks from the spring/summer line include stripes (shorts, sweaters and tees), pops of neon, a barrage of prints and loads of color. The looks, which are a comfy, cool, travel-friendly and boast a neon surf theme, are for both him and her. Staples include bold jumpsuits for her and  surfer/skater-esque tees and shorts for him. Also in the collection: patchwork shirts, lightweight knit sweaters, long-sleeved tees, skinny pants, silk tops with embroidered detail and ripped-hem shorts. 

And considering summer in Miami isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, these looks should last you well into the rest of the fall.

Find Scotch & Soda at 130 N.E. 40th St., Design District; 305.573.1668.

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