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Every July, Miami gets five fashion filled days of nothing but the sexiest swimwear in the industry. Every February and September, New York gets, well, everything else. But what comes from it, other than fits of jealously from Miami fashionistas, is all the trends we and the rest of world will be rocking.

And not too long ago, we would have to wait patiently to see designer’s collections. Thanks to social media, images are being uploaded before they even hit the catwalk. So from the runaway to your closet thanks to #NYFW, here are 10 looks from Instagram sure to get you ignited. 

top magazine, fashion week, bra tops

Bra Tops
It’s time to renew that gym membership and get those abs in shape. Bra-like tops are here to stay, ladies. The more the merrier need not apply.

fashion week, cutouts

Everybody loves a little show, right? But remember: just a peek. Or a cutout, we should say.

fashion week, gladiators

We think the ladies of New York Fashion Week made the country of Greece very proud. Sure, you might feel like you’re headed to a chariot race, but throw on your favorite LBD and you’re ready to take the field. Well, the field or the mean streets of the Magic City.

fashion weeks, dress, grey hues

Grey Hues
Grey for fall – we know, it’s nothing new. But keep the hues light or dark and keep it classic with a crisp white shirt.

fashion week, menswear

Men’s Wear
Yep, we took a nod from the guys. With a little bit ‘90s sportswear, boyish tailoring and a modern cut, it’s never been better to hang with the boys.

fashion week, power buns

Power Buns
Why is her bun so big?  It’s full of secrets! Pull it up, sleek it back and be so happy a hairstyle never took such little effort. 

fashion week, print, dress

After a few seasons of sparse minimalism, the icing on top of any cake in many collections seemed to be prints. From florals to futuristic, designers are prettying you up with prints. 

shirt, fashion week, say what you mean

Say What You Mean
Never hear “she has a big mouth” again. Don’t say what you feel – put it on the front of your shirt.

fashion week, trends, studs

Sure, you might set off the alarm at TSA. Handbags, heels and even in your hair, the safety of any outfit can be found in studs. And lots of them.

fashion week, trends, white

White after Labor Day? Yes, that just became not only OK, but highly encouraged. To say any other different is just a pure fashion faux pas.

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