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In the mid-1990s, real estate mogul Craig Robins had a vision for the Design District. He didn’t want just shops, but a destination for creative business. Which is exactly why Adriana Hoyos knew she couldn’t be anywhere else.

“We have been tenants since the beginning. When we came here, we truly saw the vision in the area. Craig had a plan and he stuck to the plan,” she told us in her new showroom. “His passion for this neighborhood was contagious. I knew we couldn’t be anywhere else.”

adriana hoyos, design district, furniture, design

Along with a team of seasoned designers and architects, Hoyos has quickly become one of the most successful stores in the neighborhood. What’s her secret to success? Stiff competition. “All of our neighbors are our competitors, but it’s a great thing. Customers know that in a couple of blocks, you can have your house completely furnished. Come buy a couch at our store. Accessorize at Jonathan Adler. Upgrade your plumbing at Waterworks.”

Recently, she too did a little upgrading. Getting her start at 3930 NE 2nd Ave, her newest location will debut later this month just two blocks down at 4100 NE 2nd Ave. With dark and vibrant colored woods, earthy tones and exotic materials surrounding the space, customers will now have two floors of Hoyos for their home.

adriana hoyos, design district, furniture, design

“Why we moved is pretty simple: we needed more space,” the designer says. “When we moved into our original store, we did just that: move in. This showroom, from floor to ceiling, was designed by my team and I. We are really proud of it and we think our fans will too.”

And after getting a sneak peek, we think so too.

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