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Horology. If you don’t know the definition, you might get the wrong idea about where we’re going with this.  Horology is the art or science of measuring time and Christian Dior has beautifully mastered the study with the Dior Homme Chiffe Rouge collection of timepieces.

An assortment of automatic watches that marry style and sophistication with effortlessly cool design, these don’t just sit pretty perched on a wrist. Each watch is crafted with intricate details that make them tick tock and keep its owner on time. A novel idea for a city that rarely sleeps.

Minimal yet masculine, Chiffe Rouge is named after Christian Dior’s affinity for the color red, which can been seen in subtle details like the date. A hint of the hue is also banded around the guilloche patterned crown, the knob on the side of the watch that winds to set the time.  And while the face of a watch tends to get all the recognition, the backside of these bad boys are translucent in order to show the inner workings of the gears. 

A watch not only tells time, but also tells a story about a man’s style.  For sporty fellas, the all black Chiffe Rouge A06 with black rubber bracelet or the AO2 chronograph with black fabric strap are two choice options.  For the hipster creative types, the M05’s graphic designed face is a well-suited option. For the tad more classic in taste, the C01 signals I’m chic, but it’s time for business. 

Like many here in Miami who watch the moon go down and the sun come up after a night on the town, time passes by on newest edition to Chiffe Rouge, the C03, courtesy of a newly added moon phase. An enhanced feature powered by Zenith, the white moon transforms into a crescent that cascades across the dark black face of this limited edition watch. Only 100 were made so get  ‘em while they’re hot.

With a Chiffe Rouge watch as part your accessory collection, running on “Miami time” is no longer an option.

Dior Homme in Miami | 161 NE 40th St. | Miami, Florida 33137

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