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Did you know that the James Bond franchise is the reason why vodka is America’s spirit of choice? Or that the Champagne Cocktail dates back to the Civil War era?

These are fun history tidbits you’ll learn through the new cocktail program at Oak Tavern Fine Food and Spirits.

Close to three months ago, Anthony “Tibor” Vecsesi, a self-proclaimed history buff and cocktail mastermind, took over the beverage program at Oak Tavern and decided it was time to go back to the basics.

He notes while there is, “no such thing as an original cocktail,” he wanted to focus on adding a level of creativity to the traditional cocktail line up and offer a tailored, individual drink experience for the guests.

Every week, in addition to the mainstay “Tavern Cocktails” like the Green Mile and the Dublin, guests can also find a rotating selection of “Classic Cocktails” such as the Moscow Mule and Vesper.

Under each drink description guests will find a little history about the beverage they are sipping along with its ingredients. Vecsesi makes it a point to use high-quality ingredients like homemade grenadine and ginger beer, fresh fruit juices squeezed daily and the best spirits he can find.

Vecesesi plans on rotating close to 250 drinks on the menu over the next year, which will allow the staff to perfect the cocktails and also learn how to build off them to make their own creative concoctions.

Looking to enjoy your drink - with a side of history - for yourself? The cocktails range from $12 to $14 and can be found daily at the Oak Tavern bar.

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