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It’s hard to think about fall when most of Miami is still in swimwear, but let’s switch gears for a minute, okay?  For stylish South Floridian’s who don’t have to stock up on sweaters and warmer wears to build a fall wardrobe like the rest of the country, it does get a bit tricky trying to interpret trends. However, lucky for us, one of the big trends for the season is bold, bright colors.  And in Miami, we know how to do color. Let’s take a peek at how-to translate vibrant hues seen on the runway to the real world. Grab your color wheel and lets’ go!


Radiating red, magnificent magenta, blazing blues, the fall line up is like opening a bag skittles, yet instead of tasting the rainbow, you can wear it.

Dior dressDior emerald green

Ruby red works with hot pink, emerald green goes with royal blue, bubble gum pink with fire engine red or a shocking shade like chartreuse and magenta all graced the runways.

Louis Vuitton Color CombinationLouis Vuitton Color Combination

Subtle and a bit more subdued Louis Vuitton, combined anything but basic combinations. From deep chocolate browns with baby blue accented by red to a combo that may upset Miami Hurricane fans, orange and blue (not, orange and green, though we feel that works too) provided a powerful punch. Louis Vuitton, 170 NE 40 Streets, Miami, Florida 33137, 305-573-1366

Longchamp burgundyLongchamp burgundy

From dresses, blouses, pants and jackets brilliant burgundy was a mainstay on Longchamp’s runway. Wondering how to work a marvelous maroon into your wardrobe? Pair it with camel, deep rose or orange to make an impact. We have to point out the bright neon orange lip that the Longchamp models are wearing make the crimson color pop and it’s perfection – and another way to add some color to you life. Longchamp in Miami, 137 NE 39th Street, Miami, Florida 33137, (305) 573-7500

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