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From luxury clothing designer and home furnishing stores to the innovative art, design and dinning establishments, one thing is for sure. The ever-evolving Miami Design District has style. And now thanks to Jared Dietch founder of Music Matters and the District’s curator of sound, the ‘hood will have its own distinct vibe via music.

Jared, a music stylist with years of experience working as DJ, record producer for top labels, as well as developing sounds for some of the hottest luxury lifestyle brands around the world, says “The cultural, artistic point of view for music is a big part of the Design District and I want to be able to create a musical element for the area.”

Whether it is the sounds you hear when you walk into one of the stores or restaurants, or the beats pumping through a gallery, music sets the ambiance and vibe and Jared is looking to help enhance that experience for you.

We caught up with the cultural insider who shared his top picks from the new Spotify playlist Summer Sunset he custom created for the Miami Design District, which lucky for you is now available for your listening pleasure here.

Jared’s Top 3 Tunes from Summer Sunset Spotify List:

  • Da Funk by Mato – “(They) took the whole Daft Punk Homework album and did a dub/reggae version of every track, genius!”
  • Last Home by Typesun –  “This one takes me back to when House Music wasn’t just about fist pumping.  This record is a future classic for me.”
  • All Under One Roof Raving by Jamie xx – “This guy is a beast…member of The xx, ‘nuff said.  Making some of my favorite originals and remixes from the last few years.

Keep your ears open for Jared’s sounds and keep your eyes on the District Blog for more of his custom Spotify lists.  For more information about Jared Dietch, visit

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