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Yuri Tuma offers audiences a point of “Departure,” a large-scale chromatic photography exhibition at Butter Gallery. With symmetry, patterns, and his signature use of mobile technology, Tuma reshapes the seemingly ordinary into ephemeral visual representations. His exploration of materiality, motion, and color are at times mesmerizing and, for the artist, represent an elevated inner sanctum. This meditative space of quiet and mental centering is where Tuma creates these works. His oeuvre, through clean shapes and simple lines, channel this transformative physical and psychological process.

Yuri Tuma Departure

Meanwhile, Tuma is wearing his heart on his sleeve – or rather, on his feet. Activated for the 2014 Winter KRUZIN fashion shoe collection, the artist’s geometric designs come alive in the brand’s limited edition Miami Art Series footwear. KRUZIN is an interesting canvas for Tuma, whose optical art meets streetwear in a creative collaboration for December art week.

Yuri Tuma Departure

“Departure” will be on view from November 6, 2014 to January 8, 2015 at Butter Gallery (2390 NW 7th Avenue, Miami). This is Tuma’s fifth solo exhibition during December art week, and he has been involved in group shows and art fairs around the world. This year, he was selected as a Fordista resident and as a 2014 finalist for the Miami New Times’ Mastermind award.  Tuma’s practice explores graphic design, video, sculpture, fashion and installation, though photography is his primary practice.

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