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It’s hard to keep up with the almost daily designer store openings in the Miami Design District, but if you want to look and feel your best in the latest collections, we highly suggest getting trim, taut and toned at dbc Fitness the District’s first boutique fitness, training facility.

dbc Fitness, located at 3841 NE 2nd Ave, Suite#103 (entrance is on 39th Street next to Rick Owens) is not your average gym. For starters, there are no membership fees to join. Rather, you work one-on-one with a personal trainer who will create a plan for you after a consultation.

dcb gym

dbc Fitness owner, David Alexander  trains some of the most elite athletes including LeBron James. His staff is comprised of a handful of elite trainers that work to get clients in peak form. Whether you’re an NFL or NBA star, or simply a local looking to get in tiptop shape, dbc fitness is the place to be to make a statement.

From the unique, top-of-the-line equipment like the Vertimax (this machine will work you like none other. well, technically YOU work IT) to the custom logoed floors and partial turf flooring, dbc is designed to bring out the athlete in every person.

After a demanding, but equally rewarding-for-the-body-and-mind workout with dbc’s Jason Dubois, we caught up with David Alexander to get to the core of facility. Here is what we learned:

dbc gym interior

Photo: dbc gym interior

MDD: dbc stands for dumbells, barbells, and cables? How did you come up with the name? 

DA: I knew the concept for the facility was no machines. So I was up one night putting together the equipment list for the gym and began to make a list. The first three things I wrote down were, dumbbells, barbells, cables. I looked down and turned to my wife and said, “Hey, I think I just thought of the name for my facility!“ And that was it. 

MDD: Why did you choose the Miami Design District for dbc? 

DA: I loved how upscale the Design District was, but how it still has the edgy side to it. I wanted to be in a neighborhood that was a reflection of what dbc is. It was a perfect fit! 

DBC Gym interior

Photo: dbc gym interior

MDD: No detail is overlooked at dbc fitness. Let’s talk about the artwork featured around the facility - like the columns.

DA: Jona Cerwinske is the genius that did the art in the facility. One day I posted something on Instagram asking my followers to let me know who they thought was the best Miami artist and all of the sudden the post went nuts with everyone tagging his name on it. I went to his page and checked him out, and it was a wrap. I knew it had to be him. I loved his style so much that I just left it up to him and did his thing! Turned out amazing!

MDD: You and your trainers help some of the most elite athletes stay in top shape, how does that translate to the “average” person looking to stay fit? 

DA: That's the whole concept of the facility. We are the only true facility in Miami outfitted for professional athletes (LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Norris Cole, Reshad Jones, Ray Allen, Alshon Jeffery are among a few who train at dbc) or people who want to be trained like one.  We approach everyone the same. There are people out there that take their fitness really serious and those are the ones we want. It doesn't matter who you are, we aim to get everyone who comes here to train in the best physical shape their body can be in.  

MDD: How did you select your elite crew of trainers? Do you plan to expand the team? 

DA: I've been in the industry a long time, 17 years to be exact! I had my eye on each of these trainers for the past year or so, and kept a close eye on their work and their approach. I wanted trainers that held themselves to the same standard that I hold myself to. I love that none of them have an ego or think they are too good to learn something new! We are a family here, and we constantly push each other to get a little better each day with our styles and education.   

MDD: Education is key at dbc fitness — what are your three most valuable tips that everyone can benefit from when it comes to health & fitness?

DA: 1. Don't look for a quick fix 2. Know exactly what your goals are 3. Trust in the process, it takes time. 

dbc gym interior

Photo: dbc gym interior

MDD: While your gym is for clients only, your athletic boot camps offered on Saturdays at 10am are open to the public. And now yoga? Anything else planned? 

DA: Yes, we are going to change the industry with our approach. I can't give it all away, but for those that follow us on social media, just stay tuned!  

MDD: Plans for future dbc’s in Miami or around the country?

DA: This will be the only one in Miami. I'm a big believer of less is more and maintaining the integrity of the brand. I didn't get into this for the money; I built dbc fitness because I wanted to truly change how people approach fitness and health. But I do have my eye on putting one on the West Coast.

MDD: When you’re not training or traveling, where can you be found? 

DA: With my wife and kids at the beach. I love my down time!   

MDD: Favorite way to sweat?

DA: Working out at the facility with the other trainers. They kick my a*!.  

MDD: Favorite “cheat meal”? 

DA: Mexican Food. All day!!!  

MDD: Favorite “healthy” meal? 

DA: Quinoa, Grilled Chicken, and Asparagus. I seriously crave that stuff.  

MDD: Favorite spot to dine in the District? 

DA: Michael’s Genuine

For those looking to meet their personal fitness goals and have the opportunity to workout with Miami’s finest, grab a dumbbell, barbell or cable at dbc fitness and get ready to work. dbc fitness is located at 3841 NE 2nd Ave Suite #103, Miami, FL 33137. For more information visit,

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