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Expensive tires, designer shoes — if it touches the ground, it’s worth the splurge. Few brands underscore this notion more than luxury boot maker John Lobb, whose collections are not only skillfully made by artisans (about 190 manufacturing steps are required for each pair of shoes) but also known for their four-digit price tag, and unrivaled quality to match. Following last year’s appointment of Paula Gerbase as artistic director, John Lobb is expanding with its third US location set to open in the Miami Design District’s vibrant Palm Court.

Lynther Dusk Suede Side view

The 1,000-square-foot space will offer made-to-order and bespoke footwear as well as ready-to-wear collections. Among its most notable releases is the Miami-appropriate Lynther, John Lobb’s new slip-on loafer that features a specialized hand-stitched moccasin construction. The result? A lightweight driving shoe that’s both soft and hardwearing, and promises to be a favorite around these parts. “Miami’s appreciation of modernity and heritage is perfectly in line with our brand philosophy,” says Gerbase, who designed a special retail environment for the Palm Court location, in which shoes are displayed with natural elements of rock and moss indigenous to Cornwall, the birthplace of John Lobb. “We continue to celebrate the legacy of Lobb himself as well as the rituals of boot making.” A practice that never goes out of style.

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