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Taking cue from the birds that migrate south for the winter, avian-inspired prints and patterns are taking flight this season.  Proving that birds of a feather do in fact flock together designers from Valentino and Lanvin to Marni and Marc Jacobs all helped this trend soar. Here’s a look at a selection of pieces that are sure to fly right off the shelves.


The sky blue hue of Delpozo’s calf-length coat sets the perfect background for the colorful wings that are flying across the body of the jacket. Delpozo, 35 NE 40th Street, 305-573-1009

Givenchy Birds of a Feather

Givenchy interpreted the trend with a majestic peacock-inspired pattern featuring the alluring eyespot of the jewel-toned bird’s plumage. Givenchy, 102 NE 39th Street, 305-576-6250


Fun and flirty, Marni’s short-sleeved, crewneck sweater and asymmetric ruffle mini skirt with sequined bird appliques is the perfect plume-inspired pair. 3930 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 100, 305-764-3357


No one will think you are a fashion fledging when you’re wearing Valentino’s trompe l’oeil feather dress as its style is soaring. Valentino, 140 NE 39th Street, 305-639-8851

Marc Jacobs

Like love birds, you’ll be doting on these golden dove stud earrings from Marc Jacobs. Marc by Marc Jacobs, 3930 NE 2nd Ave, 305-864-2626

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