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Believe it or not, Ornare is celebrating its tenth year in the Miami Design District this December. The Brazilian company’s first U.S. outpost was a pioneer in the once burgeoning design hub, which wasn’t always brimming with luxury retailers like it is now. 

Ahead of Ornare’s anniversary we sat down with the store’s director, Claudio Faria, who's been with the Miami Design District store since its start, to look back at the company’s impressive decade in the neighborhood and a glimpse of what’s in store next. 

Ornare Interior

What does Ornare offer its clients?
A high quality of life—that’s what we sell through beautiful, well-made sustainable products. We make beautiful kitchens and closets that have a direct impact in a person’s quality of life.

What made you decide to open your first US store in the Design District?
We saw a great potential here. When [real estate developer] Craig Robins first spoke to us about his vision for the neighborhood and what he aimed to develop, we believed in his vision and his ideas. 

What has been the biggest change that you’ve witnessed in the neighborhood?
It’s become more active, more international and more sophisticated. It’s a destination now. Everyone who visits Miami and wants to experience high-end design, fashion and art comes here. It didn’t used to be like this before.

In what ways has Ornare contributed to the evolution of the Design District?
We’ve contributed to the recognition of the Design District amongst the Brazilian clientele. Many people came to the Design District to see us before there even was a Design District. We grew with the neighborhood and drew a lot of attention to it as well—throwing events and participating in things like Art Basel.

How would you say Ornare has evolved over the last decade?
Being an unknown Brazilian brand 10 years ago and nowadays becoming an important player in the industry is a huge change. A big, big change. In these 10 years we’ve been able to participate in very important projects and partnered with more important architects and interior designers in town. We’ve been able to be part of some of the most exciting projects.

What sort of impact do you think the Design District has had on the business?
Being with the brands that are on the same level as you is important. The Design District is like an art gallery or a museum where there’s a curator and he’s choosing the brands that will be here. That’s what’s been done here in the District. The selection of the brands here is spectacular.

What are you looking forward to in the next 10 years?
We want to continue. We have an expansion plan in the US; we opened a store in Dallas three years ago and are aiming to open New York, Los Angeles and Chicago in the next few years.

Ornare, 4040 NE 2nd Avenue, #103, Miami, FL, 305-438-0260.

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