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For those mourning the abrupt closure of longtime Michelle Bernstein outpost CENA by Michy — we’ve got some good news for you: it’s been reincarnated in a new form called DUSK in the Miami Design District for the summer.

The nighttime only pop-up takes over Bernstein’s Crumb on Parchment restaurant (3930 NE 2nd Avenue) on Thursday to Saturday evenings from 6:30 to 10 p.m., serving up inventive yet approachable modern-American fare from dynamic duo — and former CENA chefs — Mike Mayta and Keily Vazquez.

While the menu rotates often, many classic flavors with unique twists can be found throughout. The dishes are meant to be shared and run the gamut in flavors and profiles and showcase the true talent of these chefs.

"We want the familiarity of the dishes to make the guest feel comfortable and transition them to a meal like they would receive at a friend or family’s house,” adds Mayta.

(Clockwise from right: Scotch Egg; Watercress Salad; Mushrooms; Yuca Frita)

The Miami-favorite croqueta gets an update when its filled with romaine, diced anchovy and tangy Caesar dressing for the Caesar Salad Croquetas ($8) while the long standing pub dish Scotch Egg ($9) gets a serious upgrade wrapped in chorizo and served with pickled Shishito peppers.

For veggie lovers plenty of dishes appear on the DUSK menu that are so appetizing you won’t miss the meat one bit. Standouts include the braised leeks topped with marinated Mushrooms ($9) and marscapone cheese, must-order Yuca Frita ($8) coated in zesty chimichurri, and the fresh Watercress ($10) salad tossed with peaches, blackberries and goat cheese use the best of what summer offers. Pro tip: they are all gluten-free, too.

(Right: Brisket Saltado, Left: Pompano)

If you’ve come with a hearty appetite, don’t worry DUSK has you covered. The Brisket Saltado ($23) features melt-in-your mouth brisket marinated in the traditional Peruvian lomo saltado flavors and topped on a bed of crispy, thinly cut French fries that help soak up all the juices. The freshly made Pompano ($17/24) topped with a seasonal succotash and warm guanciale dressing really highlight the natural maritime flavors.

(Right: Pina Carpaccio, Left: Bluberry Pie)

Of course, dessert can’t be missed. If you’re still looking to keep your #summerbod goals in check, the guilt-free Pina Carpaccio ($8) is full of flavor and won’t wreck your diet. Featuring beautifully sliced pineapple, peaches and other seasonal fruits, topped with crunchy granola and raisin wine, it’s full of flavor and low on calories. While the more decadent Blueberry Pie ($8) falls on the other end of the spectrum, it’s well worth the indulgence featuring deep fried blueberry hand pies served with creamy sweet corn ice cream.

Make sure to get it — while it’s still hot outside, since it’ll only be around until September 30. Since seating is limited, reservations are encouraged by calling (786) 292-6799. And don't forget to follow them on Instagram at @duskmiami

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