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As the season change and temperatures take a dip, flowers tend to wilt as winter approaches. However, this fall it is quite the opposite; floral patterns are in full bloom, sprouting up in collections from Prada to Giorgio Armani.

Taking a diversion from traditional pastel petals, flowery fabrics are seen in rich tones ranging from blues to deep green. Luckily you don’t have a to have a green thumb to sow your wardrobe with these pieces.

Giorgio Armani takes (basic) black and instantly transforms it with imperfectly perfect flowers in pops of color with jacquard effects. Find it in a sheath dress or an overcoat. The designer also lightens things up a bit with a floor-length, woven silk voile dress that features stylish flowers blooms bursting in turquoise, corals, purples and greens. 

Jewel tones sprout up at Prada with deep navy dresses and coats accented with gold flowers woven into the print. Miu Miu also does rich hues as well with the deep blues and plums accented by caramel toned accented bouquets.

If you’re looking for just hint of nature’s beauty, Christian Louboutin’s ankle strap Ha Why Beach and Folklo heels each offer a colorful assortment. Or add one of Prada’s handbag strap accessories with leather cut flowers to transform any hand bag into a shoulder or cross body that blooms.

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