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New year, new you? 2017 is the perfect time to change things up and give your look a refresh. This year’s beauty looks are all about embracing a more natural look and stepping away from the wilder trends of recent years – and the pros at eména spa show us how.

Whereas 2016 was the year of the on-point contour, our friends at eména spa tell us that 2017 will be ALL about the fresh faced “nontour.”
“Contouring requires so much makeup that not only clogs pores and causes breakouts, but also introduces so many toxic chemicals into the body through absorption of all the various layers of synthetic makeup products used in the process,” eména spa’s Christina Kesaris tells us.

Even the Queen of Contour herself, Kim Kardashian, is stepping back from the trend and embracing a more natural look in 2017. 

Skin that Glows

This year, the focus will be more on clean and radiant skin that highlights a more natural beauty. To that end, skincare is crucial.

“For 2017 the hot new trend in facial treatments will be adding a deep muscular facial massage during your facial. Massaging deep into the facial muscles during a facial is not only relaxing but also soothes nerve tension and helps firm up loose skin,” Christina says.

Organic facial oils and mineral powders, blushes and highlighters are the way to achieve the natural glow that is the key to the look.

Lashes for Days.
The key to a good “no make-up, make-up” look is long, full lashes. Doll-like lashes mean you can skip the eyeliner and go for a subtler, more natural look. If you’re lacking in the lash department, no worries, going faux has never been easier whether it’s with permanent lash extensions or temporary lash strips.

Super Long Locks and Bright Blondes
Two major trends on the Spring 2017 runways: long Rapunzel locks and bright blondes. The key to both trends is an emphasis on haircare and keeping your mane healthy. Opt for an Olaplex treatment or a deep conditioner treatment with your color service to keep your hair lush.

Bold, Bright Manis
“This season's nail trends reflect a retro vibe,” eména spa director Ken Bower tells us. “Think cobalt blue. Bold high octane colors, splashy brights, almost neon. Chromes in duo pigment with dimension are on point.”

Ready to refresh your look? Make sure to make an appointment to visit our friends in the District at eména spa.

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