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First comes Thanksgiving, then comes Art Week. Then Hanukkah. Then Christmas. And then… not being able to fit into your pants. The holidays bring about a lot fun and family, but it can also be a time when indulgence runs high and temptations are lurking around every desk, office party and pretty much everywhere you turn.

In order to feel and look your best as you head into the New Year, keeping your fitness routine on track will be the key to your success. Thankfully, your holiday present came a bit early with the opening of Orangetheory Fitness (OTF), which recently opened their newest location in the Miami Design District. We caught up with Anthony Gonzalez, owner of the Design District location, to learn more about the workout and how-to not derail they work you’ve put in all year in a matter of a month!

DD: Can you share with us more about what OTF is all about?
AG: Orangetheory is a one-hour full body workout. Each workout focuses on training endurance, strength and power. We also focus on heart rate based interval training, which is scientifically proven to burn more calories post workout. Heart rate monitors are worn and shown live on large TV’s displayed throughout the workout room. We train in five heart rate zones. Our fitness coaches are there to prevent you from over training or under training.

Sounds challenging; what can those taking a class expect?
During a workout at Orangetheory Fitness a professional coach guides every workout. Workouts begin by warming up either on a treadmill or indoor water rower. Clients rotate between the treadmill, rower and weight floor. In a typical class you will spend about 25 minutes doing interval training on the treads in which you can be a walker, jogger or runner. 25-30 minutes will be spent between weight training and rowing. At the end of each workout the coach will guide you through a short stretching session and you will get a summary of exactly how much time you spent in each heart rate zone and how many calories burned.

People’s schedules get very hectic during the holidays and use that as an excuse to bail on their workouts. What are your top three exercises that anyone can do anywhere to keep you fit?
Burpees, Push-ups, Squats

What is your best advice for keeping off holiday weight?
First, working out with Orangetheory, of course. We are all over the country so there is no excuse while traveling during the holidays. Second, limit yourself to one plate… and one dessert. Third, drink plenty of water — the solution to pollution is dilution!

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