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“You can’t do 10 things at once.” When Brandon Truaxe, founder of cutting edge beauty brand DECIEM heard that warning, he looked naysayers right in the eye and said “yes we can." Truaxe turned around and founded a company that looked to turn the beauty industry on its head, offering luxury beauty products at affordable prices. With the launch of his company, Truaxe and his team set out to change the beauty industry. And so DECIEM was born. In December, the Toronto-based brand began a US expansion, opening stores in New York and at the Miami Design District. 

The core of DECIEM is transparency, authenticity and a no-BS attitude towards skincare that is both refreshing and revolutionary. Focusing on nine product lines, with three to come in next few months, DECIEM’s dedication to fair pricing and luxe skincare for all is truly redefining what luxury means. Their crown jewel line? NIOD, or Non-Invasive Options in Dermal science for the hyper-educated. These cutting edge serums and products are constantly evolving and improving; every few months, a new version is born.

Perhaps DECIEM’s most well known line, The Ordinary, has one main focus: to call out the their competitor’s astronomical prices and to educate consumers on the true cost of the products they’ve happily dropped millions of dollars on over the years. Offering up the basics in skincare like Vitamin C serum, 100 percent organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil for the mere cents it costs them to make, DECIEM’S commitment to honesty and authenticity makes them one of the most effortlessly cool companies around. (The products are also incredible… before launch, their first foundation touted a 25,000 person waiting list… before even hitting the market!)

DECIEM is truly a brand for the skincare-obsessed beauty junkie who knows what they want and demands quality. Offering up luxury at a crazy-affordable price point, (That foundation that 25,000 waited for? Only costs $6.80 and is available in 21 shades!) it’s one of the coolest brands around and a perfect addition to MDD. Swing by the store and chat with DECIEM’S knowledgeable staff to get customized recommendations on what products to use to transform your skin.

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