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Can't resist Mad Lab Creamery?  Paying daily visits to St. Roch Market? It's okay, life is all about balance, but too much indulging can lead to snugger fitting jeans — and nobody has time for that. Now you can have your cake (or tacos or ice cream) and eat them too, thanks to Rise Nation, a new workout straight from LA that is now open in the Miami Design District.

Rise Nation is a 30-minute workout in which you'll climb your way to a more fit body as you burn an insane amount of calories on a VersaClimber machine. The upright workout is zero impact, making it great for your joints and connective tissues, while promoting healthy spinal alignment, a balanced physique, and neuromuscular coordination.

Step up onto the Climber just like celebrity fans Irina Shayk, Ashley Tisdake and Hilary Duff, and engage in a non-stop, cross-crawl motion, which might seem funny at first, but is actually innate to the human body and uses every muscle group. The VersaClimber has no momentum, so it's all on you to push yourself to see how many feet you can climb.

Even though the class is half the time of most normal group fitness classes, you'll challenge your mental and physical strength and have more time in your day once you've crushed your workout.

Mt. Everest, here we come.

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