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While haute couture and high fashion jolts our style's senses, there’s nothing we love the more than a solid, casual look. Specifically, great fitting T-shirts and simplistic staples.  Luckily you can now find expertly crafted wardrobe basics at the recently opened NeuShop.

After success of their pop up with LuminaireX last year, NeuShop, the family business run by Nicolas Delgado Alcega, has planted firm and permanent roots in the Design District.

“We are very excited about the response we have received at the Garden Building since we opened in March. Everyone seems very pleased with the way we have presented our clothing line and associated curated objects with simplicity and honesty, but also a degree of humble refinement,” says Alcega.

Known for their basics, NeuShop offers a selection of honest, timeless pieces that appeal to everyone. For those who’ve ever set on the quest to find the perfect T, NeuShop’s collection consists of 24 colors, in addition to three basic shades that properly fit and are crafted out of lightweight, eco conscious, long-lasting Peruvian Tangüis cotton.

NeuShop has a meticulous process for creating the T's from the how the yarns are prewashed to remove impurities and dyes hues are created to the anti-pilling practices to how they ensure that the garments won’t shrink. Know you’re getting a quality T that will last when you stock up at NeuShop.

Branching out beyond the basics, NeuShop has a broader selection of curated items that all share the same ideology of honest, simple, exquisite craftsmanship and conscious. Most are sourced from around the world including Japanese notebooks, miniature Japanese pottery, German pens and pencils, Italian denim, personal care products from France, select design and architecture books, etc.

NeuShop is located at 173 NE 40th Street, Suite 101 in the Miami Design District. 

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