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Many decorating styles come and go, and today, “retro” is making its grand re-entrance. Alluding to an era as much as a genre of design, the term "retro" is most used to describe decor from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. A stark difference from the more demure, all-white or nature-inspired trends we’ve seen in magazines and hotel rooms in recent years, this style is lively, colorful, and in some cases, even wild.

We don’t know why retro is making a comeback—some designers argue that minimalism has been way overdone, while others say the reemergence of this style shows a nostalgia for the modern man or woman’s childhood comforts. Either way, we’re not mad about it! Here are five ways you can bring retro back into your home, with a little help from our favorite stores #atMDD:


Drown the room in color.

Choosing the right color palette is the easiest way to start designing a retro-style room. Some are more popular than others in this trend—like avocado green, mustard yellow and different combinations of brown, black, white and red—but that doesn’t mean those are the only colors retro allows. Throw in some pink, purple or bright orange to really make the room “pop,” or mix it all together in tie-dyed, checkered, floral or paisley patterns. This Harlequin Three-Drawer Chest from Jonathan Adler is a great way to add in multiple colors in one piece. Plus, with its brass accents and pastel shades, it keeps the vibe of the room “cheery,” which is another retro trait.


Play with your textures.

The more, the merrier. Mix shag carpeting and plastic tables with leather, vinyl seats, velvet couches and more. A retro pair we love? This leatherette-and-sensuede Flamingo Sofa and blue velvet Collins Cube, both from Nisi B Home

Add an accent that makes your eyes pop.

The best thing about this style is this: the weirder the accent, the better. Don’t be afraid to mix in accessories you might not have thought of before, whether it’s a fuzzy throw rug, hanging door beads, a fun vase, a weird-shaped chair or something else. When choosing art or sculptures, make sure it’s abstract, like this Yellow with Dimensional Line painting from Michael Dawkins Home, or even this Les Trésor de la Mer vase from Versace Home.


Get retro with your flooring.

When it comes to bringing that 70’s retro style back, there are really only three types of flooring to choose from: wood, shag carpets or rugs, or bold floor tiles, the latter of which is usually mixed in bold, unconventional patterns. Spruce up your retro room by pairing solid furniture with this Chilewich Bold Stripe Shag from Design Within Reach With its shag feel and vibrant, colorful stripes, it’ll add a punch of style without even trying.


Boring lighting? No thank you.

Just like everything else, amp up your light fixtures by choosing a brightly-hued lamp with a square shade or tassels, a colorful chandelier that descends from the ceiling or even a floor lamp with a shag base. We think this bright yellow Fold Lamp from Luminaire Lab should do the trick.


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