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Maria Tettamanti, the blogger behind The Wordy Girl and the Instagram account @MariaTettamanti, is known for her whimsical sense of style, her colorful photos and her quests for finding the perfect pieces. Whether snapping pics, popping in for a workout or snagging the latest trends, you’ll frequently find her in the Design District, as it’s “in her hood” as she says. We caught up with the Instagram darling to see exactly how she spends her time there on any given Monday. 

OTL in the Miami Design District

The Time: 8 am

The Place: OTL

The Reason: Caffeine Quest

“I love the vibe at OTL — and the fresh brewed coffee is solid,” she says. “Caffeine is my drug of choice,” she jokes. Another reason why Tettamanti gravitates toward OTL: “I love the minimalist yet funky design here. Plus, it overlooks the ever-changing Fendi store—Miami’s most ‘Grammable spot!”

Ahana Yoga in the Miami Design District

The Time: 9 am

The Place: Ahana Yoga

The Reason: Sweating Out the Weekend with Dawn Feinberg

“Dawn’s classes are the best — aside from the fact that the workout is extremely hard, I love Dawn’s chats, singing, kirtan and choice of music,” she says. “Anyone who has taken Dawn’s class will tell you: she’s special AF.

IGK Salon Miami

The Time: 10:30 am

The Place:IGK

The Reason: Post Workout Refresh

“I love getting my hair colored with Erica Quince — such a treat! Getting my color refreshed makes me feel like myself.”

Maria Tettamanti in front of Oliver Peoples

The Time: Noon

The Place: Just outside Oliver Peoples 

The Reason: New ‘do Selfie Time 

“I love the pink stripe mural outside of Oliver Peoples. The Fendi walkway is always a good idea, too. I’m a colorful girl — and both are splashy and vibrant.”

Celine nano bag

The Time: 12:30pm

The Place: Celine

The Reason: Fulfilling Summer Handbag Cravings

“I’ve been eying a Celine nano luggage bag in red or pink for summer,” she confesses. “A woman can never have enough handbags.”

St Roch Miami

The Time: 2 pm

The Place:St. Roch Market

The Reason: A Girl’s Gotta Eat

“ I love that St. Roch offers a little bit of everything — from falafel to sushi to pasta to tacos to matcha ice cream — it has got your cravings covered. And today I’m craving a sushi roll and peanut butter cookie from Chef Chloe.”

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